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The Power Breezer can be used as a front line solution to disinfect buildings/rooms to help fight the COVID-19. 


How it Works:


  • The Power Breezer is an industrial-grade evaporative cooler capable of discharging 4–5 gal/hr of water mist. It throws clean water onto a high velocity rotating disk (the atomizer).
  • Water is rotated and thrown (by centrifugal force) onto small walls on the disk’s perimeter, which serves to break down the water into vapor or mist.
  • The mist evaporates in the air, serving to cool and humidify it. The mist is generally felt at a distance of up to 50 ft before it completely evaporates (depending on the ambient conditions).
  • By introducing a disinfectant to the Power Breezer you can disinfect the whole room/building providing a safe and clean environment for everyone.

Power Breezer Room/Building Disinfecting Fan

SKU: CVD19-8574-1
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