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  • CMC will inspect, replace and rebuild existing electrical & mechanical machinery for your operation.
  • CMC will design, build and install new elecrictal & mechanical machinery. 
  • CMC can asses your current operation and recommend/implement improvements from operational improvements to maintenance improvements.
  • CMC can provides services for intergrated steel mill and mini mills.



SKU: CMC-34378



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    Made in 1997 by Davy UK, Japan, etc

      Shut down in 2014

       Total Factory Area : 232,143 m2


    Material : Slab

                    130~300mm thick x 1,200~2,200mm Wide x 2,350 ~ 4,000 mm Long


       Product : Hot Roll Plate

                    5~180mm thick x 1,200~4,100mm Wide x ~ Max 25 Meter Long


       Record : 1.9 Million Ton/ Year in 2010


       Total Weight of Machine : 44,108 Ton ( Sale )

       Total Weight of Building : 45,306 Ton ( Option )



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