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Your own powered air filtration system provides respiratory, eye and face protection. 

  • Protect yourself against COVID-19 Infection by filtering the air that you breath. 
  • Battery powered fan draws contanimated air through filter to deliver fresh, clean aire to wearer.
  • System alerts wearer of poor air flow or low battery.
  • Utilized for demolition, grinding, metal casting and harsh environments.
  • Ready to Use Kit Includes:
    • Hard Hat assembly top
    • Motor Blower
    • Battery
    • Breathing Tube
    • High Durability Belt
    • HE/OV/AG filter cartridge
    • Filter Cover
    • Battery Charger
    • High Temperature Breathing Tube Cover
  • Additional Cartridges available. Please see CVD-19-8082-2 & CVD-19-8082-3


SKU: CVD19-8082-1
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